Drupal Architecture Diagram

This is really useful those who wants to understand the schema and its flow. For better view, right click on the image and view the image the separately…


Disable drupal modules using MySQL query

I am doing a project in drupal.  After enabling a module, my site is not loading and i can’t able to disable that module.  so i start searching Google and found this easy solution. May be it will be helpful for others who have similar problems.

Connect to your mysql shell or phpmyadmin and then use following query to disable a module:

UPDATE system SET status=0 WHERE name='module name';

Remember to change module name to the name of the module you want  to disable. 
This action will disable that module so that administrators can access to the administration panel again.

To list all drupal modules:

SELECT * FROM system WHERE type='module';

Get the path to a Drupal module or theme

This is a very useful function in Drupal’s API that is hard to find searching online for file system paths to Drupal modules or themes or anything like that.

So to get the path to a Drupal module or theme it’s as simple as:

drupal_get_path('module', $module_name);


drupal_get_path('theme', $theme_name);