KOHANA- yet another PHP Framework



Every one may be know many frameworks for PHP, some may even don’t know about PHP frameworks, basically frameworks are a solution which is mainly reducing the development time and making the product in a world known standard.

So this is an introduction for another framework call kohana, name is bit like African or Indonesian, why not sometime this name is like an Hindi word, I am not going to research the name :). So will know some attractive features of kohana;

What is KOHANA

It’s a PHP 5 framework complete Object oriented and Model view controller enabled. If briefing more, a Swift, Small and Tiny, Secured and complete PHP 5framework.

As features (as per official document)

  • Highly secure
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Short learning curve
  • Uses the MVC pattern
  • 100% UTF-8 compatible
  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • Extremely easy to extend ( as same as codeigniter)


  • Strict PHP 5 OOP
  • Simple database abstraction using SQL helpers
  • Multiple session drivers (native, database, and cookie)
  • Powerful event handler allows small modifications dynamically
  • Originally based on CodeIgniter


You may ask why kohana is so special, few reasons, and those are very highly strong and those are highly appreciated by all most everyone.

  • Fully community driven (un like codeigniter)
  • One hundred person PHP 5 and Fully Object Oriented
  • No dependency with other packages
  • Much better Event handler
  • Very suitable for Rapid development cycle

How to start

Starting is really simple, basically you should know some PHP and some OOP concepts, (of course you should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript for better solution) than that you should have a localhost, and kohana framework, you can get them form following;

Also if you having any question or further reading try out for the official forum and the official help guide else read some tutorials and learn.


I guess these are main reasons that you should switch your framework (if your requirements suites above mentions), I am my view all most all the current projects that I am working is very rapid, so I am switched to kohana, if you see these point are valid you also simply use it.

Author: Yoosufs

Types of PHP Framework: Glue and Full-Stack

PHP frameworks are in great news from 1-2 years in PHP community. Lots of PHP frameworks are available to choose from. Framework is good for development for few reasons. This provides lots of developed code for reuse. All frameworks have community where developers can get help. Discussing your problem there can be easy as all are connected through a common framework. Framework has codes developed by experts so you are also getting help by this. Frameworks use good design principle. It forces many to develop good codes. Though in many cases it can be hindrance for implementing your new ideas.

These days you may get lots of projects, which demands to be developed on top of good Framework. So learning PHP framework can be a good investment for developer.

Frameworks are divided on two broad categories: Full-Stack and Glue framework. Glue frameworks are not tightly coupled and provide greater flexibility than Full-Stack framework. Glue Framework allows advance developer to choose their way to use the existing codes base from framework. Full-Stack framework is tightly coupled so one way it is sometimes difficult to implement your own ideas but other way it requires less work to make things work. Full-Stack framework saves you development time by providing per-built logic for common application patterns.

Important frameworks:

Symfony – Based on MVC architecture, it is very much in news as a good PHP framework. This comes in Full-Stack framework. Licensed under New BSD license.

CakePHP – This comes in Full-Stack Framework. Licensed under MIT license.

CodeIgniter – Licensed under Proprietary category. This is Glue type framework.

Zend Framework – It is both full-stack and glue type framework. Comes with New BSD License. It is consuming widely available APIs from leading vendors like google, amazon, yahoo!, Fliker and others.

Solar – It is Full-Stack framework, making inroads very fast into great developer minds. License: New BSD.

Prado – Full-Stack type and licensed under New BSD.