Making stylish button with CSS Sliding Door

sliding door button with css

sliding door button with css

Recently I saw the Sliding Door like buttons in site, I am so liked that and thought of making a sample one and I was all most success. So I thought of sharing that with you. It’s not a hard part, but I spend around thirty minutes to do this, I was so sad because I spent much time to do this, but finally I was really happy I learned some CSS in that thirty minutes. But any way will dive in and just have a look on how to make.


Download PSD:

That’s it, if you want to try out by yourself, get the files, try your seft and optimize as you wish, use it In your site, if possible else if you have a optimized why shout out in the comments. So far this solution is checked with following browsers;

  • Safari 4
  • Mozilla 3.5
  • Internet Explorer 8

Just checked with Opera 9.64 and Internet Explore 7, it’s working fine 🙂

For lower browser check I don’t have much resource, if possible try it yourself :).

Author: Yoosufs