Importance of Positive Attitude

What is Attitude?

The simplest definition of attitude is the way we look at life. It is the way we think, talk with others, present ourselves, etc.

– Our thoughts take us ahead in life and not our appearance. Thought makes the man. Good and positive thoughts make us positive in our life and approach, while negative thoughts make us a negative person. Hence it is rightly said, so you think as you become.

– Story of a balloon seller

A balloon seller used to sell balloons near a children park. Daily he used to come near the park and sell balloon. But at times when kids didn’t bought his balloons he used to let one balloon in the air. This used to attract the attention of kids and they used to buy the balloons. This way the balloon seller used to sell as many balloons.

Moral of the story: If the balloon seller had thought that why to waste one balloon when no one is buying then his balloons would have left unsold. He kept a positive attitude and let one of the balloons in the air which attracted children to buy balloons from him.

– Cotton (depends on air to fly) Bird (doesn’t depend on air to fly)

While discussing Tejash Sir gave the example of cotton and bird. Both fly in the air, but cotton depends on the wind to fly whereas on the other hand the bird need not take the help of wind to fly. Bird can flap its wings and fly on his own. This example clarifies that a person with positive attitude can make his/her own path rather than depending on others.

– Know who we are

A wise man had said, “The person who knows less about you, is yourself”. Knowing oneself is very important as it gives direction to our energy and work.

– Acres of Diamonds: Story of farmer who searched for diamonds

A farmer was very happy with his life. He had huge acres of fields on which he used to do farming. He was very satisfied with his life. Then one day one individual gave told farmer that he would be happier if he has diamonds. And hence selling his farm and property the farmer went out to search for diamonds. But the farmer was unable to search for diamonds. When he returned to his home again he came to know that there are diamonds in his own farm.

Moral of the story:

1. When our attitude is right, we realize that we are all walking on acres and acres of diamonds.

2. Opportunity is always under our feet we don’t have to go anywhere to go. All we need to do is realize it.

3. When people don’t know how to recognize opportunity they always complain of noise when opportunity knocks.

4. The same opportunity never comes again.

Few simple steps to achieve a “Positive attitude”:

  1. Change focus & look for the positive
  2. Make a habit of doing it now
  3. Develop an attitude for gratitude
  4. Get into continuous education programme
  5. Build a positive self-esteem
  6. Stay away from negative influence
  7. Learn to like the things that needs to be done
  8. Start your day with positive

Explanation for each step:

1. Change focus & look for the positive

– If you fail at first then stop looking at the negative and start afresh leaving behind your failure or loss

– Failure should first come in business. Failure helps us to know where we lacked and what we should not do. After 1000 attempts when Thomas Edison finally made the electronic bulb he told the world that he has found 999 ways of ‘how-not-to-make-a-bulb’.

2. Make a habit of ‘doing-it-now’

– If we don’t follow then we develop the habit of postponement

– Then this habit becomes your attitude.

3. Develop an attitude of gratitude

– Gratitude is very important. Gratitude means thankfulness.

– Say thank you & appreciate others help howsoever small it may be

– Control your emotions. EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more important than IQ (Intelligent Quotient)

4. Get into continuous education programme

– Sharpen your skills

Continuous education helps us to know where we are lacking and what we should do to improve ourselves to develop and enhance our attitude positively.

– Story of a tree-cutter

One day a two tree cutters were assigned to cut few trees. One of them started cutting the tree as soon as the possible. Whereas the other tree cutter kept on sharpening his axe nearly for an hour. The other tree cutter felt it was a waste of time. After finishing sharpening his axe the tree cutter cut more trees than the other guy.

Moral of the story:

1. Education helps us to hone our skills.

2. Without skills the work we do may take more time and more energy than actually it requires

5. Build a positive self-esteem

– Self-esteem is what we think of ourselves. A low-self-esteem is visible to others. Such persons are usually made to follow others rather than leading others.

– Think ‘I am the Best’. But don’t fake it.

6. Stay away from negative influence

Negative people are ‘energy-suckers’. They will give you thousands reasons for not to do things which you have decided to do.

– Negative people, drugs, cigarettes, smoking, negative programmes

7. Learn to like the things that needs to be done

– For example report writing, going to gym, waking up early etc. We make resolutions that we will do such things from that day onwards, but seldom have we made it fruitful. Due to this we develop lethargy and become lazy.

8. Start your day with positive

– Start your day with a positive feeling. Pray to God for a positive day ahead. Listen to your favourite music or songs. Make sure to do things that you love to do for e.g.: certain hobbies. Develop hobbies.