Drupal8: How to alter language link in the switcher block

There are more than one ways available to alter the language item link in the language switcher block. We will see what are the ways in the below,

  1. Using hook_preprocess_links__language_block() in the theme file
  2. Using hook_language_switch_links_alter() in the module file
  3. Using contrib module “Disable Language.


Suppose if we want to remove the english language from the drop down, then here is the code, we can alter this code as per our needs.

function cherry_preprocess_links__language_block(&$variables) {
foreach ($variables[‘links’] as $i => $link) {
$linkLanguage = $link[‘link’][‘#options’][‘language’];
if($linkLanguage->get(‘id’) == ‘en’) {

Using hook_language_switch_links_alter()

Suppose if we want to unset the current language code, then here is the code. We can alter this hook as per our needs.

function my_module_language_switch_links_alter(&$variables) {
foreach ($variables as $i => $link) {
$linkLanguage = $link[‘language’];
if ($currentLanguageCode == $linkLanguage->get(‘id’)) {

Using these hooks, we can set active class to the current language item link or to add any extra attributes to pass to twig file.