How to register for Tamilnadu electricity board online services

It is very to easy to register your EB Account in online. Please follow the below steps to register it…

If you don’t have account previously, then follow the below steps,

  1. Go to
  2. Clicking the Select button to find your Region
  3. Find your Region and click on select button.
  4. Now Enter your consumer number, you can get this number in your EB card at right side top(Ex: xxx-xxx-xxx). Here enter these number without hyphen(-)
  5. Click the Check Details button
  6. Once the details came, it will ask you confirmation and click the confirm button to proceed further.
  7. Now fill your details and click the Register button and it will send you the confirmation email to your registered email ID.
  8. Go to registered email id and click the confirmation link,
  9. Now login into site with registered account and password.
  10. You will find the EB Account that you registered.

You can also register more than one EB account, by clicking the Add Account




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