Calculating Date difference using mysql functions

Today i am going to share two functions with you, one is datediff() and another is to_days() functions.

datediff(), accepts two parameters, both parameters can be either date or date_time. while comparing two dates, mysql takes only date parts for comparison, it will omit the time if the parameter is passed as date_time.

For example,

SELECT DATEDIFF(‘2010-03-21 23:59:59′,’2010-03-20’);

the above compare two dates and return 1

SELECT * from tablename where DATEDIFF(enddate,curdate())>1;

the above query compares enddate (is a field in the table, contains date value) and current date and returns rows whose enddate is greater than 1.

to_days(), accepts one parameters, and returns a day number.

For example,

SELECT DATEDIFF(‘2010-03-21’);

the above returns 734217 as day number.

consider the queries,

SELECT DATEDIFF(‘2010-03-21′),DATEDIFF(’10-03-21’);

this query returns 734217 for both. here mysql automatically converts two digit year into four digit year based on the rules designed in mysql server.

SELECT * from tablename where to_days(enddate) > to_days(curdate());

this query returns rows whose enddate is greater than today date

Author: Vinodkumar


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